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What`s the Best Promotional Code from Cheaper Than Dirt

You like guns and everything about them. You like carrying them, using them, even clean them. Not to say about shooting at targets. But as with everything else, guns aren`t cheap. This is where a promotional code released by Cheaper Than Dirt will come into the game.

About Cheaper Than Dirt

As most of you already know, CheaperThanDirt is seen as one of the top players in the game, being at one point even the Nr. 1 gun retailer in the U.S. I`m saying it was and not it is because if you are into guns and you have a bit of knowledge about what`s going on in this area, you probably know a bit about what happened back in 2012. Back then the brand decided to do a review of their policy suspending sales until further notice. The whole issue didn`t last too much as their resume sales after a short while.

How to Recognize a Good Cheaper Than Dirt Promo Code?

An online promo code from CTD offers pretty much the same advantages as a regular coupon code. It simply offers the user a specific discount on a gun product or ammunition box item. It can also provide free shipping for a product or items bought on bulk.

Like any other online promotional code, these too can be faked. So how do we know if the actual promo code that we want to use is valid and will provide us the value we want. There are a few characteristics that each online code will include, no matter the brand that releases it.

Promotional Code from Cheaper Than Dirt

Look for the barcode – A Cheaper Than Dirt promo code has to include a human-readable barcode in order to be valid. Most online sites that use such discount codes make their one coupon offer images and don`t include these barcodes. The user will know in this case the actual offer is not the real deal.

The promising of unreal deals – This type of deals is harder to notice. Maybe the novice can be tricked, but a person who is really into guns can`t be deceived into believing that a Weatherby PA-08 Pump Action shotgun that normally cost around $400 can be bought at half a price. Gun discounts just aren`t that big and no Cheaper Than Dirt coupon code can offer such a deal.

They are valid for a limited time – All discount codes offered by CTD are generally valid within a specific time frame. There are no real codes that are released now and can very well be used within a year from now. You can find such valid coupon codes on CheaperThanDirtPromoCode.

Which are the Best Promotional Deals from Cheaper Than Dirt

First of all, you should know from the start that the best online source for Cheaper Than Dirt coupon codes is a reliable source. And today will refer to RetailMeNot, one of the most popular coupon code-related websites. This site has a huge online database that offers promotional offers from just about any brand out there, Cheaper Than Dirt included. And what is best, all deals include specific details which the user needs to make a decision whether or not this is the deal he wants, such as details about the type of the product, discounts or time frame.

Most great Cheaper Than Dirt discount codes found on RetailMeNot are valid only for a short period of time. Like the Colt CSR-1516 semi-automatic rifle that can be bought for only $795 considering its normal price is around $950.

The shotguns also have good discounts if you use a CTD promo deal. The 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun can be bought at around $180, while the Weatherby PA-08 Pump Action Shotgun can be purchase at only $295. Great discount if we consider the normal prices of these shotguns.

Some CTD discount codes also include free shipping. Like for example, the EAA SAR Item Gun-400 9mm can be obtained with a discount of $14 off + free shipping, if you use a CTD promotional code from RetailMeNot. The same thing with the Mossberg 500 Tactical Shotgun that can be purchased with a $40 off discount and free shipping included.

The discounts on ammo are less “interesting.” They offer discounts of $1 or so. They aren`t exactly “hot deals,” so to speak.

No matter what type of gun item will interest you, a Cheaper Than Dirt promo code could offer you a discount not easy to neglect. So what do you wait for? You are at a few clicks away of a great promotional deal, so take action now!

Where They Roam

I was a vegetarian for a long time. Like 10 years. My carnivorous decline began when my friend Ian convinced me that bacon grew on a tree. Bacon lures many vegetarians off the wagon. Then during my first pregnancy I requested a steak. This recipe for beef tenderloin with strawberries in fact. (give it a try, you won’t be sorry) When I asked for this recipe I had no clue what beef tenderloin meant and knew nothing about the cost of it. My husband didn’t take time to enlighten me. He ran straight for the butcher and spent much too much money on a steak. Can you blame him? The woman carrying his child asked him to provide for her and asked him to barbecue meat. What self-respecting man wouldn’t do the same?

Unfortunately that pregnancy didn’t work out but the love of meat stuck. I’ve never considered vegetarianism since. Well, just that once after reading Margaret Atwood’s Year of the Flood.

Since my vegetarian days I’ve had many memorable meat dishes, some great, some not so great.

But Saturday night’s dinner outranks all those delicious meats of my memory.

We had a… wait for it… a bison rib-eye steak.

And oh my soul and stars!! It was, without a doubt, the most delicious cut of meat I’ve ever had. Ken agrees. It was grilled meat perfection.


My introduction to bison came some years ago. There is a ranch near my parents house. It is run by a, uhm, a character. (Is that the nice way to say crazy person?) He has a harvesting herd and a herd to preserve the genetic integrity of wild bisons. Being a scientific person, this seemed a noble gesture to me. But at that point, I was still a vegetarian and also thought that bison eating was for crazy people.

My parent’s friends starting serving it at dinner parties. They also served up very colorful stories of visiting the ranch to procure their goods. I think one of my mom’s friends might be engaged. You do what you have to get the meat I guess.

I have eliminated pork and chicken from my diet. My family’s go to meats. So I flounced off to Whole Foods Market to see what I could find there. I found a rib-eye bison steak. I found many other things, lots and lots of sausages. That will be a later post.

Originally I requested 2 steaks but the price came up at $75. That seemed a bit steep for dinner. I realized at the same time that each steak was about the size of my head. So I opted for 1. It was about $35 and it fed all 4 of us. You read that right, the kids shoveled it in too. If I had brought 2 home we would have eaten them both and likely still be sitting in the backyard in a food coma. Happy though.


Turns out that not only is bison delicious it is super duper healthy. It contains all the essential fatty acids. It is lower in fat than beef, pork and salmon. Lower in calories than beef, pork, chicken and salmon and highest in iron. And the iron is the easy to digest kind.

Bison are pasture fed. This means they are all free ranging beasts, eating grass. It is illegal to feed bison growth hormones. And they don’t receive any anti-biotics or stimulants.

You really can’t go wrong.

When I started writing this post, Ken reminded me that this was not the first time I’d had bison. Last year on my birthday I ordered a bison burger. Best. Burger. EVER. Plus there was sweet potato fries. Again, you can’t go wrong.

And now for your taxonomy science class.
Buffalo and bison are synonymous in North America. But actually the only true buffalo species are the African Cape Buffalo and the Asian Water Buffalo. The song is wrong. There are 2 North American sub-species of bison, the Plains Bison and the Wood Bison. There is a European species too.

Talk to your butcher, source it out. Get yourself some bison and get it on the grill. DO NOT overcook. It is a really lean meat and will cook faster than you are used to. We seasoned our steak with only a little olive oil and steak spice. Ground bison is easiest to find, usually frozen. It’s a good start. But one day, for a special treat, find a fresh as-big-as-your-head rib-eye.

Giveaway: I’m Ga-Ga over Blabla!

I’m thrilled to kick off the new year with a giveaway from Blabla! Two moms and best friends (of 25 years) started a company that has now evolved into something far beyond their wildest dreams!

Florence Wetterwald, designer and co-owner, says this about these knitted creations: “I always think of Blabla products as contemporary objects which reflect the inner life of children in this modern world. I love kids. Their fragility moves me. I like to believe that my designs comfort them and make them smile.”

As a mom, here’s why I’m Ga-Ga over Blabla:

The owners of Blabla have created a company that searches for “beauty, authenticity, and laughter.” Who doesn’t aspire to live a life with these?


All of the products are made of natural, high-quality fibers that make them “irresistibly soft and cuddly” for children. Prior to our discovery of Blabla, my daughter couldn’t care less about dolls. Now, well, the picture says it all!


These products make me happy; they are simple, vibrant, and fun! Just look at these finger puppets . . . I know you’re smiling :) What a great way to encourage open-ended, imaginative play in your home.


Blabla takes pride in fair trade ethics and a commitment to the Peruvian artisans who knit these products. This global-minded company is based on mutual respect between designers and knitters.

I could go on forever, but you’ll have to check out the rest! Blabla’s collection also includes rattles, blankets, mobiles, and clothing. They make wonderful baby and shower gifts!

And now . . .for the GIVEAWAY! Susan at Blabla has generously offered my readers the chance to win the adorable Celeste doll pictured above. Here’s how:finger-puppets

1. Visit Blabla, and then leave a comment on this post, telling us your TWO favorite knitted products.

2. If you’d like to earn extra entries, you can Facebook, twitter, or write about his giveaway on your blog (please use this post’s URL). Then come back and, in a separate comment, tell me how you’ve spread the word!

On Friday, September 5th, 8 p.m. EST, one winner will be randomly selected by You must be a U.S. resident (18+) to enter. I hope it’s your lucky day!

Congratulations, Tina! (And sorry for the delay) You’re going to LOVE this doll. :)

I Will Survive and You Can Too.

We are in the middle of a bathroom renovation. The main bathroom. My husband took time off work and is bravely constructing a bathroom for his family. He is working stinking hard. Stinking being the key word.

For the first few days I tried to keep the other parts of the house clean. But I quickly gave up. There is a bathtub on the dining room table (clearly I don’t have a very fancy table), drill batteries charging on the stove, drywall in everyone’s bedrooms and various drill bits and tools piled on top of the toys and life that was already accumulated.
So it’s kinda a mess and we are kinda unbathed.
Cooking is not a huge priority right now. Ordering a pizza is the obvious alternative. But now I don’t eat gluten and you can’t have pizza everyday. Well, maybe you can but you would likely lose points. Lori (one of my friends) can you please advise?
The next alternative is to invite ourselves to friends and family for dinner, using their showering facilities while there. Done that! I suspect folks have stopped answering the phone when they see our number.
So it’s down to survival. We must eat. Our eat out options are limited. Also I am certain the more crap we eat the more likely bathroom construction productivity will decrease. And the kids and I will be grumpy. Bad scene all around.

healthy dinner

What are healthy survival dinner options? These ideas also work if you are racing home and need to pick up something really fast at the store. If you have food that you have cooked ahead and frozen for a rainy day. Survival night is a hurricane. If the freezer is bare, here’s some ideas.
-Pasta and tomato sauce, add chick peas or veggies, at the very least an onion.
-Scrambled eggs with a green salad or cut up veggies.
-Sausages and home fries or potato wedges. Leave the skin on to save time.
-Grilled cheese. I enjoy a pickle in my grilled cheese but just use what you’ve got.
-Nachos. Homemade nachos can be very healthy. Use a can of refried beans and as many veggies are you can handle.
-Pancakes with fruit. Pull out the frozen fruit.
In a pinch you can make anything healthier by adding sliced apples, cucumber spears or carrot sticks.
I am sure I am alone. Please tell me I am not alone. What are your last minute survival dinner tactics? If you have a good order in/take out option, please include it!

Toast For Dinner

Yesterday I was called to work short notice at a dental office. My husband was gracious enough to come home early so that I could accept the job.

When he got home I began to explain that according to the meal plan tonight he would be making pork tenderloin and Moroccan couscous.If he didn’t feel like that there was also fish in the fridge, he could make rice and broccoli, we could switch the days.

He stared at me blankly for a moment, my husband that could have been a chef, and said “Can’t I just feed them leftover chicken and potatoes?”

I thought “Are you are kidding me!” but I said “Sure” as I know sometimes you don’t feel like cooking and there was soccer followed by the circus, busy night all in all.

He then told me that “We better set aside some days to make meals that we can keep in the freezer for occasions like this when we need a fast meal and we are both working.Maybe bust out the crock pot again.”

Toast For Dinner

Again I thought “Are you kidding me! Its 2:30 and you don’t have time to prepare a meal that has already been planned?” I said ”Yes, we should do that.”

That night my husband and kids ate the leftovers. I worked until 6:30, got home, changed, had a toasted English muffin and a banana and left for the circus at 7:10. The problem with having leftovers meant no dinner for me. No lunch for either of us the next day and only one child actually ate dinner, not necessarily the same one that ate that dish the night before it was leftover.

I believe my husband has a valid point. If we are both going to be working we will need to re-introduce some of the old systems that we had in place before. I think we probably even need some new ones. If we had single serving size soups in the freezer, and a microwave, I could have had that. If we had salad already to go in the fridge (without having to cut and wash everything first) I could have had that. If I had planned ahead I could have brought dinner with me and eaten before I left the office.

But I also believe that the meal plan needs to be followed by both cooks. What is the point of having a meal plan if you are going to crap out? The hard part of the plan is the planning and the shopping, once the ingredients are there the assembling is easy. Being home by 2:30 hardly qualifies as a need for an emergency dinner plan in my books, even if you do have to be out of the house by 5:45. However, sometimes you just don’t have it in you to prepare a meal and a back up in the freezer is a welcome alternative.

Today I worked again 9-3. In the morning I made quinoa salad for my lunch, got the kids ready and went to work. After work I picked up the kids, let the dog out, showered then I made the fish that was in the fridge along with rice and baby broccoli. My husband grilled the fish and it was lovely. The pork will wait until tomorrow. In the end all was fine. My quinoa salad was very good, dinner tonight was lovely and I will survive eating toast for dinner every now and then.

Pease Porridge

Pease porridge hot, Pease porridge cold, Pease porridge in the pot 9 days old.

Okay, let’s not eat it 9 days old but we should discuss porridge if we are discussing breakfast. Porridge has been around a long, long time. It was eaten as a savory dish in Europe. We primarily know it as a breakfast dish. Possibly a dish you didn’t much look forward to as a kid.

Maybe it’s time to revisit porridge. Try it, you might like it. You just may find a recipe that you quite enjoy.

What is Porridge anyway?

Porridge is made from any number of grains that have been cracked or rolled and then cooked in water or milk until soft and creamy.

Pease Porridge

Some grains to choose from are:

Cracked wheat

Steel cut or rolled oats

Whole or cracked brown rice







Coarse ground corn (usually referred to as polenta or grits)

Pease porridge is made from peas meal or dried peas.

Really the only limit to what you can make porridge from is your imagination.

Oats are the most popular choice in Canada. You may be tempted to use quick or instant oats but my recommendation is to not bother with these. Generally these types are more processed and this causes the Glycemic Index to go up and one benefit of eating oatmeal is that it can stabilize your blood sugar. Many gourmets will say that steel cut oats are the only way to go.

Steel cut oats? What is that? You ask. I’ll tell you.

Steel cut oats are the raw grain, or groat, cut into 2-3 pieces using a steel blade. They are also known as coarse cut, pinhead or Irish oats. Scottish oats are different, they are steamed, steel cut then stone ground into oatmeal. Steel cut oats make a chewier porridge with a nutty flavour.

I love it, my kids don’t always.

They like the smoother texture of rolled oats. Rolled oats have been steamed and rolled. Try them both and test for yourselves. McCann’s Irish Oatmeal is a popular and easy to find steel cut oat and comes in a great old fashioned tin. You can also find yourself a bulk barn, or the like, and buy it that way. (FYI- the McCann’s website has some tasty looking recipes! Not so healthy however.)

Pease Porridge Hot

Whole oats are very nutritious. They are an excellent source of thiamine, iron and dietary fibre. Oats are a good source of protein (helps keep you full until lunch time) and are high in the antioxidants believed to help protect against arteriosclerosis. Oats also contain beta-glucan which may help control blood sugar and may stimulate the immune system to fight off bacterial infections. All in all these little wonders pack a serious health punch, so try adding oats into your day. Glycemic Index of steel cut oats 42, rolled oats 66.

Even if you do go for the steel cut oats for your breakfast porridge you will still need to have rolled oats in your pantry for baking and when making homemade Muesli or granola.

Here are some things to consider when buying. Rolled oats sold as oatmeal usually have the bran removed and have been lightly baked or pressure cooked (processed) and then rolled. Oat flakes are simply rolled oats with no further processing. In my opinion this is what you are looking for-the least amount of processing. Of course each manufacturer is slightly different so what you want is a nice thick flake.

Oats are often safe for those with celiac disease too. A word of caution: you need to ensure that your oats are gluten free! That will mean that they have not been contaminated in a facility that also processes rye, spelt or wheat.

Okay, let’s get to the cooking. A general rule of thumb is as follows:

For rolled oats the ratio is 1:3 (1 cup of oats: 3 cups of liquid), for steel cut oats and many other grains it is 1:4 (1 cup of oats: 4 cups of water). You want your porridge to contain more water than you would if you were cooking that same grain for dinner.

Simple stove top recipe is as follows: bring 4 cups of water or milk to a boil. Add 1 cup of steel cut oats and a pinch of salt (this helps bring out the flavour). I also add a pinch of cinnamon. Stir until the water gets to look a bit creamy, lower the temp and bring to a simmer. Continue stirring occasionally (some say continuous but I do not and have success) for 30 minutes or until thickened.

*Same idea for rolled oats only 3 cups of water or milk and 1 cup of oats. You will not have to simmer as long it will be closer to 10 minutes*

Topping ideas: butter, jam, peanut or other nut butter (this is my new favourite), maple syrup, brown sugar, milk, honey, almonds, raisins, yogurt, apple sauce……again limited only by your imagination.

Other ideas for cooking are, in your rice steamer, in your crock pot, or in your microwave. Combining grains will also add different flavours and textures that you might enjoy so experiment a little. Let us know how things turn out. Here are a few more recipes that you can try to get started.

Wheat Berry Breakfast Pudding

by Julee Rosso

1 cup wheat berries, rinsed and soaked over night in salted cold water.

½ cup each dried pears and dried apples

4 cups of milk

¼ cup evaporated cane juice

1 cinnamon stick

½ tsp salt

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries or raspberries

2 tsps lemon zest

½ cup toasted almonds

Drain wheat berries. Place in a large sauce pan, cover with water. Bring to a boil, lower heat and simmer gently for 60 mins. Drain the wheat berries and return to pan. *You could do this the day before to cut down on time the morning of or try cooking them in a crock pot over night*

Cover pears and apples with boiling water and set aside.

Add milk, sugar, cinnamon stick, and salt to the wheat berries. Cook over medium heat stirring occasionally until mixture begins to thicken, about 35 mins. Remove cinnamon stick.

Pre heat broiler

In a small bowl, whisk the eggs and vanilla. Beat ¼ cup of the hot wheat berry mixture into the eggs; then slowly add the egg mixture into the wheat berry mixture. Stir in blueberries and zest.

Drain pears and apples, add to the mixture.

Spoon into a 2 quart casserole dish. Broil for 2-3 minutes. Sprinkle with almonds. Broil 2 more minutes. Serve warm.

Pease Soup

Crock Pot Porridge

by Tosca Reno

½ cup cracked wheat

1 ½ cups steel cut oats

½ cup rye flakes

½ cup brown rice

¼ cup wheat germ

6 ½ cups water or combination of rice milk, almond milk, goat’s milk.

½ cup raisins

½ cup chopped dates

1 ½ tbsp of vanilla

Place all ingredients into a 3 quart crock pot. Stir well to combine. Cover.

Set on lowest setting and cook over night. Or longest cooking time and lowest heat if that is how your crock works.

Serve piping hot in the morning.

Maple Baked Oatmeal This is from Canadian Living. It is yummy. It can easily be made the night before and reheated in the morning.

Let us know how it goes!