How to Eat Over the Holidays. Peace, Love & Muesli Style!

During this period of the year when Christmas is just around the corner, there isn`t enough information out there to stay healthy during the holidays. Each broadcast, magazine or TV show will generally throw two cents about how to keep our waistline the same, but is it enough?

I have only one reaction to all this nonsense – Bah, humbug!

I don`t want to not stuff myself silly. I can do it everyday, I will. What other reason of celebration there is? If you choose to consume small portions and do exercise around the holidays, what`s the point? What will you do for the rest of the year? During holidays there are a lot of people all around, so hiding yourself to do some exercise isn`t an option. Most of the time you`ll have to load up with delicious pies that your grandma bought to you because you can`t say no.

Our neighbors are making paté or fancy nuts on each holiday, then drop it off right at our door. It`s a present that you can`t refuse or it would be consider rudeness. Have you tested homemade paté until now? Oh, it`s like heaven on Earth! Our family buys cheese, a lot of cheese. It is usually part of our present for Christmas. You can`t say “No, thanks!” It`s like saying to Santa that you don`t like his gift.

I don`t mind wearing elastic waist pants for the whole week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I don`t usually need to get dressed for anything special during this period anyway. Ok, maybe we`ll have people over. So, what? I`ll quickly find some pants that I usually wear for yoga or something and that`s it. Then I`ll be able to share food with our guests.

I have my standards. I the food is homemade, I`ll definitely try it. I always say “No, thanks!” to store made appetizers.  I strongly think that over indulging in homemade food during holidays is an important aspects of the entire celebration. There isn`t too much celebration in feeling a food hangover after eating pre-made appetizers.

And the moral of this story? If it`s Christmas, eat and eat well. January will come anyway and you have enough time to worry afterwards.